Green Dynamic Electric Vehicle Limited (GDEV) is a subsidiary of China Dynamics (Holdings) Limited (HK Stock Code: 00476). We are committed to developing the most energy efficient electric vehicle and motor and control systems. Working in partnership with the Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) and sponsored by the Hong Kong Innovation & Technology Commission (ITC) we are developing the first ever local Hong Kong brand of electric bus. This is achieved through the use of a highly efficient permanent magnet synchronous motor with integrated control system without the need for any additional gear box coupled with a lightweight body structure manufactured from T6082 aluminum alloy to build the best possible electric vehicle (EV) solution in the world.

GDEV is all about clean, green, energy efficient vehicles. Through the utilisation of the latest in electric drivetrain technologies we make the best possible EV bus solution that not only delivers low emissions solutions but also is a realistic and practical proposition to bus operators without compromise. For these operators this means offering a bus that has the capability to operate as a regular vehicle with a full passenger carrying capability offering operational cost savings whilst also offering the environment benefits of zero roadside emissions.

Whilst electric vehicle drive technology has been around for over 100 years, GDEV is setting new standards to ensure the products we manufacture meet with the ever more stringent requirements demanded by bus operators who face their own ever increasing challenges, thus giving them a reason why to buy GDEV products. We believe in lightweight energy efficient vehicles, where our expertise in efficient electric drivetrain management delivers a competitive advantage to the end user. We are using this competitive advantage to develop products that meet with the requirements of daily bus operation in all environments that not only exceeds customer expectations but also offers operational benefits in regards of life cycle costing and overall cost of ownership.


Although the GDEV head office is based in Hong Kong, we are also able to call upon the resources of our Dongguan R&D facility as well as our Chongqing manufacturing site as necessary.

Based in the Science Park close to the scenic Songshan Lake, the Dongguan R&D Centre is a fully equipped vehicle development and test facility with state of the art workshop, showroom, office and test equipment. The test equipment there includes the latest heavy duty battery test, electric motor dynamometers and surface measurement tables and the staff there work closely with international accreditation bodies to ensure product quality, reliability and performance to the highest global standards.

At the heart of our production facility based in Chongqing is a 50,000 m2 factory based on a 24.5 hectare site. This has a planned capacity for the manufacture of 1,000 mini, midi and full size buses and motors every year. Should greater manufacturing capacity be required then we also have a further 15 hectares of adjacent land available for future expansion.

Key Personnel

Xie Dan

Head of Research and Development

Xie Dan graduated from South China University of Technology, majoring in electric motors. He is the pioneer of the application and development of Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) technology, Programmable Logic Control (PLC) technology and AC Inverter Application Technology. He has over 25 years of experience in industrial automation and electric motor application. Significant achievements are as follows:

•In 2010 he led the development and application of a permanent magnet synchronous electric motor (PMSM) direct drive system for a fully electric passenger bus to fully comply with the National Bus Quality Supervision and Inspection Centre requirements. Following this he used this technology to convert a traditional bus into an electric bus with the system and it was demonstrated at the 25th World Battery, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition (EVS25) in Shenzhen as part of the parade to great critical acclaim. Latterly these buses have been exported for operation in Russia.

•In 2011 the PMSM was developed to world-class performance standards of 16000 rpm and applications were successfully developed to use the technology with ceramic extrusion machinery.

•Later on he used the System to retrofit buses, coaches, double-decker buses and recreational vehicles from traditional diesel drive to full electric vehicles. Successfully converted vehicles included those from manufacturers such as King Long (Suzhou), King Long (Xiamen), King Long (Shaoxing), Neoplan Bus GmbH, FAW JIEFANG and Dongfeng Nissan (Hangzhou) amongst others.

Xie Dan is also the co-founder of GDEV which aims to be the leader in the development of electric vehicle industry. Options are to either supply the class leading electric drivetrain system to OEM manufacturers or help them with retrofit. With the undoubted success of the PMSM system, GDEV commenced co-operation with the Hong Kong government to manufacture the most efficient electric bus in the world.

Paul Bromley

Chief Technical Officer

Paul is a highly experienced Chartered Engineer with a degree in Automotive Engineering from Loughborough University in the UK. He has over 29 years of automotive industry experience having previously worked with companies such as Goodyear, Millbrook Proving Ground, Dennis Specialist Vehicles, Plaxton Bus and Coach, Transbus International, Leyland Truck and Alexander Dennis. Throughout all of these the majority of his time has been closely linked to the bus & coach industry.

During this time Paul has fulfilled a variety of senior positions including Test & Development Manager, New Product Development Manager, Head of Engineering, Technical Sales Manager and Business Development Director. In these roles he has been involved in a variety of global markets including Europe, North America and the Asia Pacific region. He has also sat on a variety of committees developing various European bus standards. Throughout all of this time his work has been closely linked to emissions reduction in vehicles. Originally he was at the forefront of CNG powered bus development in the UK as well as overseeing developments of diesel engine emissions reductions through from Euro I to Euro VI. Latterly, having now been based in Hong Kong for the past 10 years, he has been the primary advocate for the trialling of hybrid buses with support from the Environmental Protection Department having personally conceived the 3-axle double deck hybrid bus product – a project that has now achieved realisation.

Paul now comes to GDEV with a vision to realise the wide-scale adoption of full electric power zero emissions vehicle technology for public transport working in conjunction with the rest of the team.

As well as being a member of the UK Institute of Mechanical Engineers he also sits on the Automotive Engineering Specialist Group of the Hong Kong Institute of Engineers who organise lectures, conferences and seminars on automotive technology advances including emissions reductions technologies to help create better understanding and education amongst the wider engineering community.


Areas where we look to offer competitive advantage that ultimately are going to offer benefits for bus operators and passengers alike are as follows:

  • Use of our own design of permanent magnet synchronous motor offering 50% greater power density in respect of both weight and volume

  • Air cooled motor removes the requirement for complex and heavy cooling systems

  • Development of sophisticated motorcontrolsoftware ensuring that only the required amount of energy is delivered exactly whereneeded at the right time to maximise efficiency use of battery power whilst delivering a responsive drive

  • Motor control obviates the need for any additional step down gearing to drive the axle thus reducing weight and complexity whilst increasing driveline efficiency

  • Battery management system designed to minimise as far as possible any excess battery weight carried through efficient cell charge balancing

  • High energy density batteries to keep battery weight at a minimum

  • Use of powerful regenerative braking system to capture and recycle energy otherwise lost during braking and reducing potential foundation brake pad wear

  • True low floor wheelchair accessible chassis design complete with ramp and suspension kneeling to ensure speedy passenger boarding and alighting of the vehicle during peak times

  • Air suspension for consistent smooth passenger ride and reduction of high structural loadings

  • Use of bonded aluminium body structure to reduce overall body weight and reduce energy consumption requirements

  • Anti-lock braking and traction electronically controlled to ensure optimal vehicle safety in all weathers

  • Power steering and suspension seat to reduce driver fatigue

  • LED destination signs, saloon lighting and exterior lights to minimise ancillary electrical consumption

  • Multiplex vehicle electrical system to reduce use of copper wiring and overall weight

  • Electrical air con with automatic temperature control to prevent excessive use

  • Diagnostic use of bus multiplex and GPRS for constant communication with workshop

  • Passenger Seating certified to European safety standards

  • Full body insulation combined with electric drive ensures lowest possible noise both inside and outside of the bus environment

  • No engine noise

  • Simple T-drive axle-motor layout with single motor increases efficiency and reduces complexity. Also has capacity for future expansion.

  • On board and fast charging options to suit all types of operation

Electric bus design has evolved over the years but has always left potential operators short of their expectations. GDEV is now taking the next big step in putting together the ultimate energy efficient package to set a new benchmark for public service electric vehicles that is zero emissions but without compromising the bus operation and ultimately offering cost benefit to the bus operator when compared against current bus technology. In short we are offering the ultimate in clean, green, zero emissions solutions for today’s buses.


In summary, GDEV is not the same as other e-bus manufacturers. Our expertise is in configuring, packaging and managing the PMSM motor, motor control and batteries to deliver the first electric bus that can truly meet industry expectations. This is coupled with a class leading cost of operation configuration making us the leaders in offering a practical zero emissions solution without operational compromise.