Green Dynamic Electric Vehicle Limited is a subsidiary of China Dynamics (Holdings) Limited (Stock Code: 00476). We are committed ourselves to developing electric vehicle and motor and control systems. We are collaborating with HKPC to develop the first local brand of electric bus. We use high efficient permanent magnet synchronous motor with integrated control system (without gear box) and light monocoque body structure with T6082 aluminum to build the best EV solution in the world.

Overall Length




Front Overhang


Rear Overhang


Body Width


Overall Height


Unladen Weight




Passenger Capacity

1driver + 35 seated + 40 standing = Total 76

Front Axle

ZF RL85A deep-drop I-beam front axle

Drive Axle

ZF AV132 drop centre drive axle, 6.2:1 ratio


Wabco air disk brakes all round


ZF 8095 electrically power assisted steering

Wheels & Tyres

275/80R22.5 tyres mounted on Alcoa 8.5” alloy rims

Electric Motor

Air Cooled Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor

Rated power/speed100 kW / 1200rpm

Rated load line voltage (VAC) 330

Motor Controller

Peak capacity 338 kVA

Input voltage (max / min / Rated) 648VDC / 360VDC / 560VDC

Rated output voltage 380VAC

Rated output current 300A

Peak current 600A

Traction Battery

Lithium Polymer Cell: 50Ah / 3.7V packed in 500Ah / 37V units

16 packs connected to give total capacity of 500Ah / 592V = 296 kWh

Air Conditioning

Shunde Taichang TCD12W

Capacity 24079 kcal/hr

Compressor Motor drive power 7.1kW

Body Structure

Aluminium extrusions mechanically fixed with bonded alloy shear panels


Vega model S380 with integrated 3-point seat belt


Twin leaf entrance and exit powered doors


Manual ramp at centre exit

Interior Lighting

Continuous LED strip lighting on both sides of saloon interior roof

Exterior Lighting

Hella LED


Areas where we look to offer competitive advantage that ultimately are going to offer benefits for bus operators and passengers alike are as follows:

  • Use of our own design of permanent magnet synchronous motor offering 50% greater power density in respect of both weight and volume

  • Air cooled motor removes the requirement for complex and heavy cooling systems

  • Development of sophisticated motorcontrolsoftware ensuring that only the required amount of energy is delivered exactly whereneeded at the right time to maximise efficiency use of battery power whilst delivering a responsive drive

  • Motor control obviates the need for any additional step down gearing to drive the axle thus reducing weight and complexity whilst increasing driveline efficiency

  • Battery management system designed to minimise as far as possible any excess battery weight carried through efficient cell charge balancing

  • High energy density batteries to keep battery weight at a minimum

  • Use of powerful regenerative braking system to capture and recycle energy otherwise lost during braking and reducing potential foundation brake pad wear

  • True low floor wheelchair accessible chassis design complete with ramp and suspension kneeling to ensure speedy passenger boarding and alighting of the vehicle during peak times

  • Air suspension for consistent smooth passenger ride and reduction of high structural loadings

  • Use of bonded aluminium body structure to reduce overall body weight and reduce energy consumption requirements

  • Anti-lock braking and traction electronically controlled to ensure optimal vehicle safety in all weathers

  • Power steering and suspension seat to reduce driver fatigue

  • LED destination signs, saloon lighting and exterior lights to minimise ancillary electrical consumption

  • Multiplex vehicle electrical system to reduce use of copper wiring and overall weight

  • Electrical air con with automatic temperature control to prevent excessive use

  • Diagnostic use of bus multiplex and GPRS for constant communication with workshop

  • Passenger Seating certified to European safety standards

  • Full body insulation combined with electric drive ensures lowest possible noise both inside and outside of the bus environment

  • No engine noise

  • Simple T-drive axle-motor layout with single motor increases efficiency and reduces complexity. Also has capacity for future expansion.

  • On board and fast charging options to suit all types of operation